Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Plum Blossom Festival Adventures

This festival has been celebrated for over 900 years!

Today, if all goes as expected, Unexceptional Woman will be once again helping a family member move, but in this case it will be her niece. She helped me move last year, even got a bunch of her friends to help out. I'd do it anyway, but I owe her big time.


Since that was all I had planned, I succeeded! I also folded yesterday's darks.

My habits since the new year:

I've been giving Andromeda lots more baths, and have begun getting Simone on a shower schedule. Mine's better but could use work.

I've been going to bed before midnight and getting up at 6:30.

I've been unloading the dishwasher in the morning when I get up for the past few days, even when i don' wanna."

Most recently I've been trying to get the kitchen cleaned up right after I put Andromeda to bed. I should give all these some time, but I'm still brainstorming what the next one's going to be.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dragobete Adventures

Dragobete. I love the name of this festival. And I really need to step over Ollin's foot at some point today.

So on for today is finally phone calls. I must no longer procrastinate. I will call the doctor to get Simone an appointment about her eyes, I will call about my thumb and make Andromeda a well child appointment and to get her shots. I will call about my Orca lift card. I will search us up a new dentist.

Then I will go with Michelle and Ma to QFC for lunch sandwiches. Then I might go with Michelle and Andromeda to the highline preschool thing or I might let Michelle take her. I should look that up, see what it's about.

I should do laundry, too. I'll try to get at least our sheets done.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Terminalia Adventures

Terminalia is an ancient Roman festival.

Since I didn't do anything yesterday, I need to do lots today.

First up, I'm going to go to the bank and get lots of quarters.

Next, I have to go to the library to return a couple books, which means I have to find them. I mean, I know where they are, but one of them is a board book, and the library doesn't put those in the system by their titles so I have to look at all the code numbers.

I really don't want to go to the library. It's time consuming and Andromeda never behaves. We have enough books right now. I'll just insist we don't even go in, just use the book drop outside. And next time we go, we'll go prepared by choosing books on the internet the previous afternoon.

I also absolutely have to wash Ollin's work clothes, and I have a brights load from the other day I need to fold and put away. I can do that after Simone gets home, or I can do it sooner. I'd like to wash the sheets and get them put away, but I don't know if I'll have the oomph after walking to the library and back.

Aaaand there are all those phone calls I need to make. Orca lift, doctor and dentist appointments for all of us. Maybe I'll plan on doing all of these tomorrow morning after Ollin goes to bed.

Update: Quarters acquired. Books returned. Work Clothes washed.

Andromeda and I went to the park, too.

I'm going to fold ALL the clothes that are clean, read a bit and go to bed.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

World Thinking Day Adventures

This one is a Girl Scout celebration day.

Today will be a stay-home-and-do-laundry-day, with one problem; I'm almost out of quarters, so I'll have to walk down to the laundromat to get quarters. I've done a lot this week, but I haven't written much, so I will try to write a bit.


I didn't do ANYTHING but stay home playing video games.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Language Movement Day Adventures

Language Movement Day is something you should google, because it's an interesting story, of how people fought (and died!) to preserve their language. I've really enjoyed looking up different holidays for each day this past week, and I never would have done it if I hadn't accidentally started this blog on Mardi Gras.

First up for today we have Game; my brother Bob runs a homebrew D&D 3.5 adventure for Simone and I every other Saturday morning or so. Unexceptional Woman plays a hero in a game. Well, in a lot of games. In this one I'm a Hilla (sort of a dwarf) cleric of Oben Twar (god of freedom and travellers). We just won a battle against a rival warlord, so we'll be doing mostly clean-up. The lands of Dolman are surrounded by enemy warlords who worship the Slave Master, a god that is kind of the opposite of mine.

I must also do at least one, probably two, loads of laundry.

Tonight Unexceptional Woman will do battle with BBQ chicken and ribs when we go to Famous Dave's for our family dinner, and movie night is my choice. I'm thinking of choosing Ink. Seems like an interesting film.

Unexceptional Woman's biggest challenge today is to remember to call the power company so as to pay the bill and get my online login unlocked. With so much other stuff to do, this little thing, especially since it involves a phone call, could get forgotten and/or overlooked.

Update: I did all of this stuff and vacuumed the living room! The only thing I didn't do was call the power company because my login worked and I was able to just pay online. Everyone even loved the movie I picked!

Friday, February 20, 2015

World Day of Social Justice Adventures

It's a UN thing, apparently.

Today I am sore and headachy from the work yesterday. I took three advil and it helped a little, but I still hurt.

Today's adventures include showering (which might help my headache), doing laundry, and going bowling later with my friends and family.

The first step is to fold all the laundry I did earlier in the week. It's the towels and darks I did on Tuesday. I folded the work clothes up on Wednesday, and changed the sheets this morning.

I emptied the dishwasher this morning even though I was feeling crap, so that's a victory. I'll change Andromeda after breakfast. Then I'll move forward with the shower and laundry.


The shower did help my headache. I did a load of laundry, folded and put it away along with the rest of Tuesday's loads. Bowling was pretty fun. I've had better bowling trips, to be honest, but it was fun to eat nachos and chill with my peeps. Simone played a game of air hockey against Michelle that was exciting and worth watching. Simone won.

I admitted to everyone that I'd been depressed and was hoping doing things would help, and that it seemed to be. I don't think they thought I meant really depressed, just feeling kinda down like most people say.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lunar New Year Adventures

Today I need to clear everything but the beds out of the girls' room in case their new bunk bed comes today. I need to focus on one thing at a time or I'll get bummed out again. There sure is a lot. You know. In life. Too much. To much to do.

What phone calls do I need to make? I need to make an appointment for Andromeda to see the doctor, and Simone needs to see an optometrist. Both girls need to go to the dentist. I should really see a doctor, too. About my thumb. And everything else. But I need to find them a new dentist, and I need a new doctor.

Unexceptional Woman is losing power. Danger. Danger. Mood plummeting. Unexceptional Woman is currently overwhelmed by normal life like some kind of useless little whiner!

This looks like a good time to introduce the Supervillian. Unexceptional Woman's arch nemesis is the Blerch. The Blerch is not my creation. Click that link to see the origin. While I don't accept that being fat is necessarily unhealthy, I do believe in the Blerch. I know him well. He follows me everywhere I go, negging me constantly. He's that feeling of dread I get inside when I begin to feel overwhelmed. He's the one that reminds me how small and useless I am. He often speaks in my voice. He sometimes sounds kind. But he's the enemy.

Some day he will win, because ultimately, the Blerch is entropy. But today I can stave him off. Today I can win, by doing the things I need to do, by focusing on one thing.


I got up right then and began to clear out the girls' room. Ollin got up at 4 and together we assembled the bunk bed before he had to go to work. Success! I held off the Blerch one more day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday Adventures

Get ready...for a day filled with Averageness!

Today's adventures include spending time with Andromeda, making a shopping list and going shopping! I may also clean something! If I can gather the willpower, I may take a shower! There is also a chance I will be able to triumph over my social anxiety and make some necessary phone calls!


I spent a little time with Andromeda, I made a shopping list and I went shopping!

I have been noticing an increased ability to form habits. I decided I needed to bathe Andromeda more often and I have been doing so. There are other habits I'm working on, for example, emptying the dishwasher when I wake up, and changing Andromeda into day clothes after breakfast. In the future I hope to get lots of things into a routine, like sorting, washing and folding laundry.

I don't know what I'm going to do about phone calls, though. It's partially social anxiety and partially remembering to make them, since they're not part of a routine. I guess I could make it a point to call someone every day at a certain time.

I also eventually hope to set up a kind of school time with Andromeda maybe three days a week, and work on letters and stuff. And also get her on the potty many times a day. She still has no interest in going on the potty. Everything I've read has told me to lay off until she wants to go, but she's four and she never wants to go. So I'm going to get into the habit of trying first thing in the morning, after she says good morning to everyone, and then go from there.

There is so much to do that it's daunting and depressing. Maybe I've been feeling better because I've been thinking about one thing at a time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fat Tuesday Adventures

What does Unexceptional Woman have planned for today?

First up this morning I will do battle with boxes in my mother's newly remodeled apartment.

Then I will climb Mount Washmore and do laundry until I run out of quarters, detergent or laundry.

Lastly, I will conquer the strange life growing in my fridge, throwing out any old food.

While I do this, I will remember to keep drinking my water, eating my food, and taking breaks.

This afternoon, if I feel sleepy, I will let myself take a nap.


Todays adventures went well. I triumphed over the boxes, accomplished six loads of laundry (sheets, towels, darks, work clothes), and cleared out the fridge. I drank my water, ate my food and took breaks. I did not take a nap though I felt sleepy; I wanted to play video games instead and that made me feel more awake.

Until next time, Unexceptional Fans!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Welcome to my unexceptional adventures!

This is a self-care blog. I intend to post frequently, every week/day/couple of days. The idea for the title came from this post on my old blog. I decided to make up a new blog rather than change the old one up.

This weeks adventures were average and many!

On Tuesday I took Andromeda to the park! I wanted to remind myself that even though it was cloudy and cold, it wasn't a big hassle and I enjoyed myself. But not just that. It was almost like there was something...I don't know...meaningful, in being outside in the big air just hanging out. It was a good adventure.

Wednesday we walked to the library, which wasn't the best adventure. I had to go back to the bank after the library because I had forgotten something, so I added a bunch of walking to my trip. I did get to see my mom that day; they were almost done renovating at that point and soon she'll be moving back in.

I took a shower on Friday after helping my mother move some stuff around in her house! Also on Friday I took a nap! Then I went out with my friends and family and did karaoke for the first time ever! I'm really proud of that, I never ever ever never ever sing in front of people.

On Sunday we went to the mall and I bought some new jeans that fit me nicely and are comfortable. That's good, that's self care. Buying jeans.

Today I helped Ma unload the Uhaul. Bob and Heather were there, too. They moved the itchy blue couch because they're stronger than me. I used to be stronger, too. I was thinking earlier that I hate calisthenics, but...what if I just tried to do the things I want to do? And keep trying. Won't that make me stronger? And tougher, and stuff?

The sun has been shining, and the increased activity has put me in a better mood. If I keep DOING things, maybe I'll feel better. I've also been giving Andromeda more baths. It was something I thought I should do, so I did it. That is progress.

The coming week's adventures will have to include:

At least two showers
Calling metro to claim my Orca Lift card so I can ride the bus cheap.
Making doctor apts for myself and Andromeda.
Various shopping trips
Helping Ma move her stuff around more.
Bowling on Friday

Tune in next week for another week in the relatively average life of Unexceptional Woman!