Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday Adventures

Get ready...for a day filled with Averageness!

Today's adventures include spending time with Andromeda, making a shopping list and going shopping! I may also clean something! If I can gather the willpower, I may take a shower! There is also a chance I will be able to triumph over my social anxiety and make some necessary phone calls!


I spent a little time with Andromeda, I made a shopping list and I went shopping!

I have been noticing an increased ability to form habits. I decided I needed to bathe Andromeda more often and I have been doing so. There are other habits I'm working on, for example, emptying the dishwasher when I wake up, and changing Andromeda into day clothes after breakfast. In the future I hope to get lots of things into a routine, like sorting, washing and folding laundry.

I don't know what I'm going to do about phone calls, though. It's partially social anxiety and partially remembering to make them, since they're not part of a routine. I guess I could make it a point to call someone every day at a certain time.

I also eventually hope to set up a kind of school time with Andromeda maybe three days a week, and work on letters and stuff. And also get her on the potty many times a day. She still has no interest in going on the potty. Everything I've read has told me to lay off until she wants to go, but she's four and she never wants to go. So I'm going to get into the habit of trying first thing in the morning, after she says good morning to everyone, and then go from there.

There is so much to do that it's daunting and depressing. Maybe I've been feeling better because I've been thinking about one thing at a time.

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