Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fat Tuesday Adventures

What does Unexceptional Woman have planned for today?

First up this morning I will do battle with boxes in my mother's newly remodeled apartment.

Then I will climb Mount Washmore and do laundry until I run out of quarters, detergent or laundry.

Lastly, I will conquer the strange life growing in my fridge, throwing out any old food.

While I do this, I will remember to keep drinking my water, eating my food, and taking breaks.

This afternoon, if I feel sleepy, I will let myself take a nap.


Todays adventures went well. I triumphed over the boxes, accomplished six loads of laundry (sheets, towels, darks, work clothes), and cleared out the fridge. I drank my water, ate my food and took breaks. I did not take a nap though I felt sleepy; I wanted to play video games instead and that made me feel more awake.

Until next time, Unexceptional Fans!

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