Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lunar New Year Adventures

Today I need to clear everything but the beds out of the girls' room in case their new bunk bed comes today. I need to focus on one thing at a time or I'll get bummed out again. There sure is a lot. You know. In life. Too much. To much to do.

What phone calls do I need to make? I need to make an appointment for Andromeda to see the doctor, and Simone needs to see an optometrist. Both girls need to go to the dentist. I should really see a doctor, too. About my thumb. And everything else. But I need to find them a new dentist, and I need a new doctor.

Unexceptional Woman is losing power. Danger. Danger. Mood plummeting. Unexceptional Woman is currently overwhelmed by normal life like some kind of useless little whiner!

This looks like a good time to introduce the Supervillian. Unexceptional Woman's arch nemesis is the Blerch. The Blerch is not my creation. Click that link to see the origin. While I don't accept that being fat is necessarily unhealthy, I do believe in the Blerch. I know him well. He follows me everywhere I go, negging me constantly. He's that feeling of dread I get inside when I begin to feel overwhelmed. He's the one that reminds me how small and useless I am. He often speaks in my voice. He sometimes sounds kind. But he's the enemy.

Some day he will win, because ultimately, the Blerch is entropy. But today I can stave him off. Today I can win, by doing the things I need to do, by focusing on one thing.


I got up right then and began to clear out the girls' room. Ollin got up at 4 and together we assembled the bunk bed before he had to go to work. Success! I held off the Blerch one more day.

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