Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dragobete Adventures

Dragobete. I love the name of this festival. And I really need to step over Ollin's foot at some point today.

So on for today is finally phone calls. I must no longer procrastinate. I will call the doctor to get Simone an appointment about her eyes, I will call about my thumb and make Andromeda a well child appointment and to get her shots. I will call about my Orca lift card. I will search us up a new dentist.

Then I will go with Michelle and Ma to QFC for lunch sandwiches. Then I might go with Michelle and Andromeda to the highline preschool thing or I might let Michelle take her. I should look that up, see what it's about.

I should do laundry, too. I'll try to get at least our sheets done.

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