Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Plum Blossom Festival Adventures

This festival has been celebrated for over 900 years!

Today, if all goes as expected, Unexceptional Woman will be once again helping a family member move, but in this case it will be her niece. She helped me move last year, even got a bunch of her friends to help out. I'd do it anyway, but I owe her big time.


Since that was all I had planned, I succeeded! I also folded yesterday's darks.

My habits since the new year:

I've been giving Andromeda lots more baths, and have begun getting Simone on a shower schedule. Mine's better but could use work.

I've been going to bed before midnight and getting up at 6:30.

I've been unloading the dishwasher in the morning when I get up for the past few days, even when i don' wanna."

Most recently I've been trying to get the kitchen cleaned up right after I put Andromeda to bed. I should give all these some time, but I'm still brainstorming what the next one's going to be.

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