Saturday, February 21, 2015

Language Movement Day Adventures

Language Movement Day is something you should google, because it's an interesting story, of how people fought (and died!) to preserve their language. I've really enjoyed looking up different holidays for each day this past week, and I never would have done it if I hadn't accidentally started this blog on Mardi Gras.

First up for today we have Game; my brother Bob runs a homebrew D&D 3.5 adventure for Simone and I every other Saturday morning or so. Unexceptional Woman plays a hero in a game. Well, in a lot of games. In this one I'm a Hilla (sort of a dwarf) cleric of Oben Twar (god of freedom and travellers). We just won a battle against a rival warlord, so we'll be doing mostly clean-up. The lands of Dolman are surrounded by enemy warlords who worship the Slave Master, a god that is kind of the opposite of mine.

I must also do at least one, probably two, loads of laundry.

Tonight Unexceptional Woman will do battle with BBQ chicken and ribs when we go to Famous Dave's for our family dinner, and movie night is my choice. I'm thinking of choosing Ink. Seems like an interesting film.

Unexceptional Woman's biggest challenge today is to remember to call the power company so as to pay the bill and get my online login unlocked. With so much other stuff to do, this little thing, especially since it involves a phone call, could get forgotten and/or overlooked.

Update: I did all of this stuff and vacuumed the living room! The only thing I didn't do was call the power company because my login worked and I was able to just pay online. Everyone even loved the movie I picked!

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