Monday, February 16, 2015

Welcome to my unexceptional adventures!

This is a self-care blog. I intend to post frequently, every week/day/couple of days. The idea for the title came from this post on my old blog. I decided to make up a new blog rather than change the old one up.

This weeks adventures were average and many!

On Tuesday I took Andromeda to the park! I wanted to remind myself that even though it was cloudy and cold, it wasn't a big hassle and I enjoyed myself. But not just that. It was almost like there was something...I don't know...meaningful, in being outside in the big air just hanging out. It was a good adventure.

Wednesday we walked to the library, which wasn't the best adventure. I had to go back to the bank after the library because I had forgotten something, so I added a bunch of walking to my trip. I did get to see my mom that day; they were almost done renovating at that point and soon she'll be moving back in.

I took a shower on Friday after helping my mother move some stuff around in her house! Also on Friday I took a nap! Then I went out with my friends and family and did karaoke for the first time ever! I'm really proud of that, I never ever ever never ever sing in front of people.

On Sunday we went to the mall and I bought some new jeans that fit me nicely and are comfortable. That's good, that's self care. Buying jeans.

Today I helped Ma unload the Uhaul. Bob and Heather were there, too. They moved the itchy blue couch because they're stronger than me. I used to be stronger, too. I was thinking earlier that I hate calisthenics, but...what if I just tried to do the things I want to do? And keep trying. Won't that make me stronger? And tougher, and stuff?

The sun has been shining, and the increased activity has put me in a better mood. If I keep DOING things, maybe I'll feel better. I've also been giving Andromeda more baths. It was something I thought I should do, so I did it. That is progress.

The coming week's adventures will have to include:

At least two showers
Calling metro to claim my Orca Lift card so I can ride the bus cheap.
Making doctor apts for myself and Andromeda.
Various shopping trips
Helping Ma move her stuff around more.
Bowling on Friday

Tune in next week for another week in the relatively average life of Unexceptional Woman!

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